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iSAMUEL 2020 - virtual triathlon (1 April - 30 June 2020)

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Last year we’ve tested first time the beautiful SAMUEL XC triathlon, the longest of its kind in Czech Republic. This year we have to react to Covid-19 outbreak, so we decided to race virtually. And to invite everybody from everywhere. To have fun, to train, to keep positive

Last year’s basic distances were: 1-45-12 km (climb 0 - 913 - 280 m)

This year you can perform at any time, anywhere any discipline of the triathlon reaching at least the basic distances (1 km swim - 45 km MTB - 12 km run). No matter if your track is longer! Using GPS tracking you will get also the total climb of the discipline.


Swim: Perform at least on 1000 m anytime you wish. Send us the distance and your time.

Bike (MTB): Ride at least 45 km anytime you wish. The track should be a lap or at least the finish must not be lower than the start. Send us the distance, your time and the total climb.

Run (trail): Run at least 12 km anytime you wish. The track should be a lap or at least the finish must not be lower than the start. Send us the distance, your time and the total climb.


Sending the data: You can perform and to report the disciplines anytime you wish - we will complete them. You can update your performance, if you reach a better result later. For reporting, use this form.

Comparing the racers: We will apply your speed to the real SAMUEL distances. And more, we will compare your climb to the basic SAMUEL climb. If your track is more hilly, then 1 meter of the difference makes 2 seconds less. If the track is flatter, 1 meter of the difference adds 2 seconds more to your time.

Results: We will collect and complete the results. On 30 June 2020 there will be a deadline and we will get the best virtual triathletes. The ranking is available here

Prices: The best man, the best woman and three random competitors will receive a free start in SAMUEL XC triathlon (23 August 2020)

Registration: Use an online form here. After receiving the registration fee you will get the starting number. You will use it for reporting your racing.


Registration fee (always with your name noted for us). Use one option:

- bank transfer 50 CZK to account 2200400104/2010

- bank tranfer 3 EUR to account 2701202333/2010 (IBAN: CZ9820100000002701202333)

- PayPal transfer 3 EUR or 3 USD to account ""


Fair Play: It’s for fun, for training. We expect that you will act fair, on your own and enjoy the race

Covid-19: We react to the Covid-19 outbreak and that is still the main point!!! All the time you must follow the law, all the rules of your government and all medical recommendation. Use a common sense, please. We are not responsible for your behaviors at any aspect.



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